Monday, April 19, 2010

Purple tights with floral dress + Surrealist hands

L writes:

I just didn't feel like myself writing under a pseudonym! Much more comfortable with an initial.

Last week I continued to be inspired by colour and risk-taking. I wore a floaty floral dress, but tempered the girliness with a black blazer with sleeves rolled up. (There are flimsy, frilly little cap sleeves under that blazer that aren't quite seasonally appropriate yet.) I usually try to mute this dress with a dark neutral choice of tights (black or navy); this time, I decided to play up the purple in the dress with a new pair of solid purple tights I recently acquired. Black ankle boots with a metal buckle, lug sole, and knit detail along the top worked with the black blazer to toughen up the look a little.

April 14, 2010

I apologize for this god-awful photo.

a) My mirror is as dirty as a McGill Year 0 at four in the morning after a night at Peel Pub, back when it used to be hole in the ground.

b) My lighting situation is as dire as Whitney Houston's comeback efforts. (Low blow, I know.) It's funny, because I actually have an abundance of beautiful, evenly dispersed natural light in my apartment. For some reason I have situated my mirror in the dimmest, dankest corner.

c) Apparently my new camera is about as co-operative as a two-year-old with a diaper full of cayenne.

This simply cannot continue. It's making our blog look bad. I am thinking of purchasing a tripod.

In other news, this evening I bought these bookends:


I'm really excited about my new hands!

The moment I saw these, I fell in love. My stomach fluttered in excitement that maybe, possibly, surrealism is accessible to a mundane cog like me.

I think they're supposed to be sold in matching colours, but I thought it was more of a statement to buy one in black and one in white. Too bad my coffee table virtually camouflages the black hand, but I rather like the effect. I am drawn to imperfection. (Which is why my imperfect tattoo doesn't bother me, although it probably should.)

I love me some surrealism! Maybe I should broaden my horizons beyond Rene Magritte, but there is so much to adore and enjoy in his work. (Paintings linked in the phrase "I love me some surrealism!" are: The Red Model, The Lovers, The Treachery of Images, Golconde, and The Son of Man) Surrealism inspires me. The work of Magritte has inspired me since I was in high school (I recall writing an overwrought poem or three as The Red Model filled my mind).

I wonder, for my next fashion challenge: can I translate Surrealism into my everyday work wear?


  1. Haha, I have always said that those hand bookends freak me out at Chapters. Too funny to see someone I know buying them. Ooh, you are reading 'The Kite Runner', such a good book.

    You definitely, definitely need a tripod - you could even try using the surface of your desk/coffee table (stack some books for extra height) until you find one you like. You definitely have your mirror in the one part of your apartment where you get almost 0 natural light.

  2. Love love love the book ends!! And good call on giving them different them an asymmetrical feel.

    The look is awesome. Interesting how you took a very feminine dress, a business-y blazer, and a pair of bold coloured tights and put it all together to make something practical for work but also incredibly unique.

    I can see you like your similes by the way... :P