Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paint it Black

Brown-Eyed Girl says:

I discovered this morning I had a black pair of skinny pants I didn't even know I owned.

It was a pleasant surprise brought on entirely by accident. I hunting through my wardrobe for a particular pair of shoes...quite frustrating actually given that in my mind the heels had turned into something quite unreal, and that I simply could not, and would not, go to work without wearing them. Now, in all honesty, I was probably being a bit dramatic, and instead of being red carpet worthy heels, these were in fact very sensible (black) patent leather peep-toes that I had bought a couple of months ago.

Anyways, when I was done finding my shoes, and my clothes were scattered everywhere, instead of admiring the shoes I had taken so long to find, I saw one thing: BLACK. To my horror, I realized that I have just over half a dozen pairs of black dress pants, followed by tons of black sweaters, cardigans, shirts...the list goes on. So much black, they just blended into a big black pile of fabric patchwork, and there was no colour in sight (or likely just under all the black) could take a picture of what my wardrobe had thrown up onto my bed, and write a sign on top that says: "No Form of Life Here".

I must confess, whenever I go shopping and see something I like - first check is: "does it go with what I currently own?", second is: "will I wear it/do I need it?", followed by a close third of: "does it come in black??". The result: colour's become an accessory in my style.

The horror really was short lived once I found the "new" pair of black skinnies. I know I must have paid money for this at some point, but at that moment it really did seem like I got free clothes out of the ordeal.

So I threw on the new found black pants, hopped into my black peep-toes, and grabbed my black leather tote. My accessory for the day: a pale blue oversized cotton shirt.

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  1. I really enjoyed the black skinnies with the pale blue button-up -- it was simple and androgynous, with a feminine twist from the peep-toes! I know what it's like to be frustrated by trying to make practical decisions when buying clothes... sometimes you just have to answer "will I wear it/do I need it?" with "it doesn't matter, let's give it a shot!"

    I also love the concept of shopping your own closet... it makes spring cleaning fun!